• Joel icious

    I’ve read both Arifureta and Kenja LN, and I’m pretty much know Japanese as well (active fansub-ing), so I could help. I think.
    It’s just my Eng grammar aren’t that good since it’s not my 1st language. So, PR is a must.

    • Joel icious

      No reply at all huh.
      Seems like they didn’t really in need of translator(s).
      or maybe they already got their hands on it.
      Hoping for the output then. GL!

  • Kiyoteru Hiyama

    Page 18: Chuuni mode ON, full throttle!

  • Fabian Plaimauer

    Thank you very much for that chapter! You are translating many of my favorite mangas. Arifureta, Kenja,…
    I would really like to help but sadly I am very bad in japanese ;(

  • Ron Sarte R. Guardo

    http://www.rawdevart.com/2017/05/kenja-no-mago.html…. please update for kenja no mago

  • Hery Setiawan

    please.. be fast for Translate my mastah

  • Spoiler-sama

    Thanks for the translate! Hope you won’t drop this masterpiece