• Bear Walker

    Isekai Yakkyoku

    • HollowSCV

      In 4 days, there will be a new release. all chapter have been translated so far

      • Bear Walker

        Are you going to have an online reader also ?

        • HollowSCV

          I don’t work for biamamscans.

          • Bear Walker


      • Bear Walker

        Are you sure in 4 days …20 years later ((ding)) UPDATES POSTED !!

        • HollowSCV

          I meant a new RAW chapter, and i am just like you, waiting for the next chapter.

  • Geopwn

    Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

  • uncrowned king

    isekai cheat magician

  • Lord of anime


  • brokenglish

    Havent read it but awesome work!

  • bitmaster

    Like story a lot. Not like any isekai I readed before. A wild big cat appear!

  • Halyosy

    just wanna inform raw 10 of isekai yakkyoku already out http://lhscans.com/read-isekai-yakkyoku-raw-chapter-10.html


  • Danny DeBozz

    pedobear, eh
    i mean shirokumo tensei XD

  • Theo

    isekai yakkyoku please.

  • CloroxBleach

    Arifureta chap 16 raw came out, I’d be awesome if you could do that.

  • Accel

    please update Kenja no Mago, the raw has released already

  • MysticWolf

    Plz continue with yomekura

  • Fabian Plaimauer

    When will there be a Kenja no Mago update? I love that manga so much ;D

    • Fabian Plaimauer

      BTW, is it possible to donate for chapter or a manga?