Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin con Mezasu Chapter 1

Try to guess who’s the best girl~


  • Balla

    no Online reading option

    • Andrei Stakov

      *not yet

  • Tino Reynaldi Maulana

    nice bro (y)

  • Golden_ ATP

    really deends onopinion. mc likes eliza, the one who insults him in the original story.

  • WarGalleon Webber

    Hi. I am the Russian translator of a manga. This project interested our team and we ask you, the translator from Japanese to help us. Are necessary to us psd or raw of chapter 1 of a manga is desirable and from now on we hope for favorable cooperation.

    • Katai Chikubi

      Hi, I’m sleekstad. You can contact me via email