Isekai Yakkyoku Chapter 4


We changed Falma to Pharma since why not.

Also, Blanche was confined for 3 weeks. Sorry about that.

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will do a v2 probably.

  • HollowSCV

    Is this a monthly manga?

    • Katai Chikubi

      yes it is

      • HollowSCV

        Thanks for that. I really like this manga. Excited for it, but must have patience.

  • popo

    thanks for the chapter!!! xD

    what about seirei gensouki ?

    • Katai Chikubi

      I don’t know, i’m new here anyway. Lets wait another admin

  • perk


    On page 10, camclyvir should be famcyclovir.

  • HollowSCV

    Are you guys translating chapter 5?

  • HollowSCV

    Chapter 5 was released a month ago on April 19th. Chapter 6 was released today on May 19th. So Yeah.

  • HollowSCV

    Chapter 6 was released today. I’m not sure if I removed my own comment or it was removed by someone else, but if it was removed by someone else, it would be nice to get a reply instead of removing so we know an update or something.

    • Katai Chikubi

      Well, something happened so we didn’t have the opportunity to release ch5. probably we’ll have double release in the following week. and i’m sorry there’s no record about your comment was deleted. this is your first comment since 4 days ago

      • HollowSCV

        ah, then i must have deleted my own comment. i apologize for that. I look forward to double release. thank you for translating.