• Phoenix Destructor

    Well it’s a bit late but still thanks for the release^^
    And I was wondering why you changed the names of many characters (it could me an error but it is still confusing)
    Like “Cicily” instead of “Cecily”, or “Mei” instead of “May” (the princess) and there was also “Merida/Melnida” instead of “Melinda”

    Anyway, keep up the good work ^^ (and if you could write the correct names if would be perfect ^^)

    • Azerty2000ish

      Well the correct name should be Sicily since in Japanese it’s シシリー (Shishirī), May is correct but the one that I must say surprised me the most is that it’s Merida/Melida not Melinda since it’sメリダ (Merida).