• Sho

    some pages are won’t load

  • Josiah Monson

    Is it just me or does the woman that is storms wife look like the dead one in front of the cart

    • Josiah Monson

      I was wrong

  • Josiah Monson

    I am just curious if storm is the main characters father

  • Tommy TOmz
  • Kiyoteru Hiyama

    Its quite the sad story… maybe its kind of weird, but I’m with Strom in this one.
    It’s unforgivable that just a mere rumor was enough to drive the commoners crazy enough to kill his pregnant wife with no mercy at all.
    And… its just me, or Strom could be a reborn person like Shin as well?

    • Josiah Monson

      I see where u are going with that that would explain the floating magic
      It would be funny if storm was the main charecters best friend in that life

  • sachi nijikon

    welp if i was him , i’m also going to do what he do right now. like my pregnant wife n my unborn baby died because idiot commoners , better kill them all… commoners… noble… royalty… EVERTHING!

    • Josiah Monson

      But when u look at the wife’s stomach u can see that there is no baby there I think that some servents escaped with the baby and that is the cariage that Merlin found

    • H3llBringer78

      When I first saw his wife dead for I was so pissed instead of sad probs because he villagers are so fucking gullible and dumb

  • terror100

    at first i though he was just a basterd
    now i feel sorry for him D:

  • Tommy TOmz
  • Laser Stony

    Plz do 19.. it’s already out…