Kenja no Mago 22

This took awhile…

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Okay, a lot are asking about the lack of updates for this series. (I’m also part to blame since real life shit)

The reason for that is it’s just that it’s too damn long. A normal monthly chapter would be around 25+ pages. This is 50+ pages!

So I’ve been thinking, since this one is split into 2 parts in the first place (We just release it as a whole). Would you guys rather see it by parts? Like the manga series Kumo desu ga nani ka? That way, releases will be faster(?). Downside is there will be crappy cliffhangers that won’t matter in the next part. What do you guys think?

Either way, thanks for still sticking with us.

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  • HollowSCV

    I am fine with any way

  • Mariadolores Russo

    Thank you.
    I would prefer that you do not divide the chapter in two, I understand that it is 50 pages but better all together that divided and who knows how much you could bring the second part of a chapter. 🙂

  • friezaisdead

    im fine with 2 parts option if its really is 2 parts in the first place
    if it will lead to faster release especially by large margin then i will love to choose that option

  • mevan883

    I’m fine with waiting for the whole thing.

  • Kira Ramadhan

    I Repeat : I cant handle with f*cking cliffhanger =_=

  • Marcus

    Im fine with waiting, but if you feel that it is easier for you to do half and half, I will just wait to read it when both of them are out.

  • Oy_vey

    I’d rather wait, over having cliffhangers. Easier to organize downloads too. Far more satisfyingly filling to binge than to consume in smaller parts.

  • Fabian Plaimauer

    Thanks for the chapter! I waited for this! 😀

  • ryuuseigami

    Thanks for the chapter~ ^^

    “Oy, Satou! Have you forgotten the spirit of YES release it as a whole, NO crappy cliffhangers!”

  • Bear Walker

    Thanks for the Update 😀 I was about to send you some Chim-Chim cookies lol

  • BenDi_Ro

    Thanks for update XD

  • Brianne Bradley

    I am all for waiting cliffhangers drive me nuts and this is one of my favorite manga. Thank you for the hard work

  • Chimed Baigalmaa

    this is the best and adapted into an anime would bo so badass and the god level magic