Kenja No Mago


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Mar 1, 2016 to ?
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Magic
Authors: Yoshioka, Tsuyoshi (Story), Shunsuke, Ogata (Art)
Serialization: Young Ace UP


A young man who had surely died in an accident, was reborn in another world as a baby! After that, he was picked up by the patriot hero “Sage” Merlin Wolford and was given the name Shin. He was raised as a grandson by Merlin and soaked up Merlin’s teachings earning him some shocking power however, when he became 15 his grandfather Merlin said: “I forgot to teach him common sense”!

An “abnormal” boy’s unconventional other world fantasy life starts here!!

(Source: Translated from official synopsis)

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  • PizzaSpam

    i love this manga you read it again and again 🙂

  • Fabian Plaimauer

    Love that manga! Keep it up!

  • Bear Walker

    Can’t wait for the next update .

  • Bear Walker

    BY the way, when is the next update?

  • Nicolas

    I find it kinda dumb that there’s shit going on everywhere and they’re a

    • Bear Walker

      I think your missing the underlying hints throughout the manga. I think this is building up to a huge tragedy in which it could cause our MC to go off the deep end and end up becoming a Demon King type character . I think something major will happen to his soon to be wife either before they marry or soon after and it sends him into a rage . ( Anakin —> Darth Vader moment ) This is just my own guess and NOT a spoiler .

      • Nicolas

        If this were to happen, then my impression of this manga would skyrocket from below mediocre to pretty good. I hope you’re right.

        • Bear Walker

          It’s just a wild thought that came to mind after re-reading the whole series so far and it’s allot like Dragon ball . You have a weird and powerful person who is tied to no one (blood wise) and they are so powerful that they become revered as a hero until a tragedy strikes and forces them to get stronger and then they make a come back. This scenario fits in the way up to the point of the tragedy in which it causes a major shift of the MC’s character from the happy student with a good life in front of him into a major loss of someone he’s close to propelling him into grief and sorrow so bad he either shuts down and doesn’t care anymore or goes into rage overdrive and starts blowing everything away ( targets the offensive one who killed his? And all those like it ! ) and in a sense becoming someone who will be feared (Darth Vader) until a true hero or maybe someone else he’s close to brings him back into sanity .

          • Casey Wensnahan

            you two seem to forget that the backstory for the villain is very similar to what you are describing and so I do not think it would be wise to reuse it in our MC

          • Laser Stony


          • Laser Stony

            That would be stupid…

      • Laser Stony

        I think u haven’t seen it.. there is a comedy genre.. so what u r saying will not happen to the mc…

  • Bear Walker

    By the way chapter 19 and 20 raws are out , how soon until an update.

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      Bear-kun 😀

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        O-genki desu ka Cheesy-chan ;D

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    Hi, Chapter 19 page 53 is not loading on your reader.

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    where are preCh10 chapters? I thought they were done by biamam too…

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    Why hasn’t this been updated with a new release? It’s like 4 chapters behind the raws

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    I like this manga, thank you to your hard work, keep spirit to update yeah, support biamam scans!

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    is there a proofreader for this series? i’m not a grammar nazi but these scans are really pushing it.

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    Hey so why hasn’t this been updated with the new release? its like 4 whole chapters behind the raw which is equivalent to roughly 4 months behind